Two events to present and discuss the good practices developed by LIFE Granatha

Two events to present and discuss the good practices developed by LIFE Granatha

As part of Actions E4 “Implementation of an environmental education campaign aimed at citizens” and E5 “Training course for the production of derivatives of heather scoparia” the LIFE Granatha project organizes two events for the presentation and discussion of the good practices developed by the project aimed at combining the protection of biodiversity with the socio-economic development of the territory.

The project, which has now almost come to an end, aimed to improve the conservation status of eight bird species of European interest linked to the presence of the moors. In fact, these environments, once actively managed and favoured, in particular, for the production of heather brooms (grenades), have undergone profound changes with the abandonment of traditional practices, and the natural evolution of vegetation has changed their ecological functionality, making them no longer suitable for hosting the most demanding species. The project has carried out direct interventions to restore these environments, classified as Habitats under European legislation while promoting the reactivation of the traditional local production chain, identified as the only form of sustainable and lasting management of these environments.

In these two days, scheduled for March 26 and April 2 at the Conference Room of La Filanda in Loro Ciuffenna (AR), the project partnership, together with local and non-local actors, involved in various ways in the various activities, will illustrate the actions implemented by the project, providing the first assessments on their effects on the territory, in order to favour their transferability and replicability.

The meetings will be available both face to face and remotely on a digital platform.

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