In this section the documents produced within the LIFE GRANATHA project can be consulted and downloaded

Action A1

Action C3

Action C5

  • Guidelines for assessing the effects of the productive management of brooms on biodiversity, using birds as indicators (foreseen by 31/12/2021)

Action D1

Action D3

Action E1

Action E3

Action E4

Action E5

  • Acts of the training course for production activities of Erica scoparia’s derivatives (foreseen by 31/12/2020)

Action E6

Action E7

  • Report on network results (foreseen by 30/06/2022)

Action F2

  • After-Life conservation Plan (foreseen by 30/06/2022)

Networking: una rete sempre più grande

Sei un soggetto che si occupa di politiche di conservazione delle specie e habitat all’interno dei progetti LIFE o fai parte di programmi di cooperazione entra nel nostro network.