Concrete conservation actions

C1 Restoration and active management of heathlands invaded by shrubs

The action envisages implementing measures to restore the ecological functionality of 73 hectares of heathlands characterized by natural processes of invasion by shrubs resulting from the abandonment of traditional management practices.

The interventions include the cutting of the shrub and tree vegetation to encourage the renewal of the heath and therefore increase the coverage of Erica scoparia and other typical species of hilly heathlands. The restoration of the heath among other coenoses will increase the availability of habitats suitable for reproduction and feeding of the target species.

All the hectares affected by the interventions will be sent to an active management that provides for the regulated cutting of the aerial parts of the plants to be used for the production of brooms and other secondary products.

The interventions will be carried out both on publicly owned land managed directly by the Pratomagno Union of Municipalities and on private land that have joined the project.