Concrete conservation actions

C4 Management of heather harvesting and brooms production

The objective of this action is to reanimate communities from an economic and social point of view by enhancing landscape and natural resources through the involvement of citizens, artisans and farmers. The action promotes the development of an entire territory by the construction of networks that plan together entrepreneurial initiatives that can produce benefits for all the actors involved.

This support action to the manager of the production of heather derivatives, becomes necessary because the activation of this local supply chain will recover the traditional management practices that have ensured the conservation of the species of birds linked to the mountain heathlands.

In particular, the manager will be identified through a public tender procedure for land concession that will reward social enterprises of the community. As soon as the subject has been identified, technical and training support activities will be organized for the manager regarding the construction of the Business Plan and the start of the activity with particular reference to the construction of the commercial network. The initiative then has been launched, private individuals will be involved, owners of moors within the SPA, so that they can make their land available to the concessionaire in the future, therefore increase the available commission and consequently the production of heather brooms in the future.