Dissemination actions

E3 Communication plan and creation of informative material

The aim of the action is to promote the project through the production and distribution of a series of cross-media products aimed at both the general public and a smaller audience of experts and institutional actors potentially interested in realizing similar experiences.

To achieve these objectives as efficiently as possible, a communication plan is envisaged, with the aim of optimizing the forms and modes of impact and involvement of the various target audiences, by publicizing project objectives, activities and results, both through the production and distribution of appropriate material, both informing and raising awareness about actions, phases and results of the project.

Specifically, four different promotional products are planned: folding brochure, project publication, Layman’s report and video clip.

Download the LIFE GRANATHA brochure

Download the poster presented at the XIX Italian Congress of Ornithology (Turin, 27 September-1 October 2017)