Concrete conservation actions

C3 Restoration of heathlands invaded by shrubs by prescribed burning

The aim of this action is to test the use of the prescribed burning as a tool for redevelopment and management of the heathlands in a mountain context.

The prescribed burning is a technique used to imitate the effects of fire on the environment with the aim of conserving habitats characterized by species that have specific adaptations to this disorder. It consists in the application of fire to vegetation by expert operators who follow precise prescriptions designed according to the ecology of the species to be conserved. In this way it is possible to achieve specific management objectives and avoid unwanted effects such as loss of soil and high emissions, typical of uncontrolled fires.

The interventions will be carried out according to what established by the regional legislation governing the authorization procedure for prescribed burning projects, respectively with art. 68 of the DGR 48/2003 – Tuscany Forest Regulation for the implementation of Regional Law n. 39 of 21/03/2000, Updated by Decree of the President of the Regional Council March 16, 2010, n. 32 / R, and with the Regional Plan for Prevention and Fight against Forest Fires (2014-2016). The prescribed burning interventions will be carried out with the collaboration of the Forest Fire Fighting System of the Tuscany Region.

The surfaces managed with the prescribed burning will affect a total area of about 10 ha. The prescribed burning and cutting interventions will be carried out after the end of the breeding season of the species of avifauna subject to conservation.

Download here the Prescribed Burn Plan.